Outlast is redefining insulation

Outlast used Aerogel and the most innovative processes to develop the very thin material AERSULATE®, which surpasses common types of insulation in many respects and has impressive properties:

Overview of the AERSULATE® properties:

  • Outstanding insulation values despite a low thickness: AERSULATE® products are ten times thinner than traditional textile insulation and are thus suitable wherever there is a shortage of space.
  • Hardly any loss of insulation with compression: Even under pressure, the insulation level remains constant, yet the materials feel soft and flexible.
  • AERSULATE® is extremely hydrophobic, making it completely water-repellent as well as extremely breathable.
  • Fireproof: In combination with a fire-resistant carrier material, AERSULATE® is flame-retardant.
  • Easy to process: AERSULATE® can be processed using conventional textile methods with no special additional effort.
  • The Aerogel required for AERSULATE® is “Made in Germany”. The Aerogel is also attached to the carrier material in Germany. This allows us to guarantee high environmental and social standards during production.
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Benefit together with us from AERSULATE® and its exceptional properties.
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